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Twister's Fury 05/31/2022

The world has lost one of its kindest souls. May your memory live on in those whom's lives you have touched. If there is any bit of heart left in the world, they will continue in your way. Helping without question [though maybe a bit grumpy about it ;) ], going out of their way to assist, and just being an all-around well-rounded fun person to be around.

Lizzie Lance 05/31/2022

Though we met briefly but a few times at game nights, you always made me feel like I am with a brother. Your warm presence and smile can make anyone relax and enjoy spending time with you. As I recall, you have had hard times but I could tell you preferred to live with your eyes forward and the past behind and I admired you for it. Now your soul will be cleansed and given a new life that will be filled with blessings. God willing, we will meet again.

The mythical Karen 06/04/2022

John my boo. Every time I get in my car I see my PanPan on my dash and I smile. Honestly anytime I think of you I smile. You had and still have that effect on people. You brought joy and fun with you wherever you went. I know you’re in the best of places now and bring that same light to those surrounding you. Death is but the next great adventure. Go well friend!

Jazlyn Dingfelder 06/04/2022

John, AKA “Squirrel” was such a light to everyone around him. He always had a quippy remark, a witty comment, or a sly smile to share. There will always be an “acorn” shaped hole, in our hearts. He was and is so very loved by so many.

Patsy Blessing 06/04/2022

I miss you.

Jessica Moskowitz 06/04/2022

The world has lost an incredibly kind, selfless, silly, talented, wonderful person. Johnathon David Morris never hesitated to help a friend in need, no matter how full his own plate was. He was always so positive and funny, despite life's hardships. I knew John would always happily help me out any time I had car troubles or needed extra hands with a theatre project. John had many friends, and we are all devastated that he's gone. I love you John, and your memory will always be a blessing to all of us.

Somerset Kenny 06/05/2022

Bandmate, friend, brother..... a good man.

Jessica Morris 06/06/2022

Best Brother-in-law ever! You always knew what to say when I was in the dumps. We had our good times eating outback cheese fries and tacos! Miss you everyday. Watch over us and say hi to Dad for is.

Crystal Green 06/10/2022

I live in the house on the corner and I prayed so hard for John! Praying for peace for his family! So sorry for y’all’s lose

Chelsea Martin 11/24/2022

Words can't describe how much I miss you! I think about you every day! :'(